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Our mission is to create a safe place where people can come to share their gifts, connect with other like-minded people, and grow their yoga practice.


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Tea & Elixir Lounge

Reno’s only late night Tea and Elixir Bar, featuring live DJs, art, acroyoga and dance. Offering specialty teas and elixirs. Wednesdays 8-11pm, Fridays 9pm-1am.

Group Kirtan

2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. 8-9pm

$10 suggested donation.

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  • Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders Saturday, June 22

    Our adopted posture of slumping and having our head and shoulders forward creates major imbalances and tensions in our upper body, weakness in some areas and tightness in others, and can result in pain and injuries.

    Join Suzanne to learn how to recreate a healthy relationship between your upper spine, shoulders and neck. In this workshop, you will practice poses to release neck and shoulder tensions as well as poses to bring flexibility, stability and strength to your shoulder girdle.

    This workshop will be highly beneficial for those having shoulder or neck issues but also for anyone who wants to experience greater ease and freedom in their upper body.

    Detailed handouts will be given to each participant.

    NOTE: This workshop is appropriate for all levels, however it will not address acute injuries of the neck and shoulders.

    $40 pre-register, $50 same day

  • Authentic Relating Games/ Freaky Fridays Every 3rd and 4th Fridays of the Month


    Authentic Relating Games is a great evening of interaction and introspection through facilitated games that allow you to observe your nature in various scenarios and situations. We set a safe container to experiment with how you relate to yourself and others in different scenarios and with differing numbers of people. It is just plain awesome!

    To play, come play during our Tea Lounge every 3rd Friday of the month at 7pm. May 24th = canceled, June 21 and July 19.

    Freaky Fridays -This is an interactive discussion group where we get to talk about all the things you were never taught or were too afariad to ask about. Or, maybe there are new things you‘re curious to discuss but don’t have a safe place to do so?
    To participate in Freaky Fridays, join us the 4th Friday of each month. May 31, June 28 and July 26 at 7pm.

  • 25 Hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative Training September 4-6

    In a restorative yoga practice, we open the aperture of our awareness, and we access a state of potency. Through lecture, group discussion, and practicum you will learn how to guide yourself and others into a deeper state of being.

    Pathways to this deeper state include supported postures, pranayama, and meditation; the nervous system is regulated, our endocrine (hormonal) system is activated, and we are able to rest and digest life. Measurable results of relaxation include reduction of blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, and fatigue. These states are also show to improve immune function, digestion, strengthen the vagal tone, increase heart rate variability, and regulate the nervous system.


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