As with any new year, we are bombarded with messages that emphasize change—”New Year, New You!”—often accompanied by guilt-ridden advertising pushing fitness memberships, diet plans and lifestyle changes. Messages that focus on what we should do differently in the new year to change who we were in the previous.  To hold us accountable, we create “resolutions” to that end.

What if, instead, we set an intention to continue becoming our Best Self, not only for this new year but also many in the future. Individually, we will acknowledge that our bodies and minds work together to overcome resistance and stagnations to find harmony and peace. Collectively we will join with others though peace, love and an understanding that we are starting this year together.

Thank you for choosing The Studio to continue or start your yoga practice. We want to wish you luck on all of your intentions for this new year and will continue holding space for you to be the best version of yourself through your practice and through your community.