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Somatic Breathwork Experience to Remove Obstacles and Return to Love

December 6 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



  • Yoga mat
  • Two tennis balls or therapy balls (the teacher will have some on hand as well)
  • Journal + something to write with
  • Water bottle
  • Cozy socks + sweater
  • Cozy Blanket (in case body temperature drops, which is common)
  • Small pillow for your head (not required, but may be comforting)


$44 / $39 if you enroll by Nov. 27th

*please note that space is limited to 12 participants, so it’s advised to enroll asap to reserve your spot.

The breathwork practice I will be guiding you through is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body and nervous system of emotional residue. Breathwork creates an internal environment of deep awareness and connection, enabling you to access non-ordinary states of consciousness by turning down the cognitive “thinking” part of your brain. In this state, you are more able to access well-being and self-regulation of your nervous system. Somatic Breathwork mindfully moves stagnant energy, facilitating release of strong emotions such as anger and sadness that are stuck in the body and effecting the mind. In this more sovereign state it is easier to experience creative insights, intuition discernment, breakthroughs, transformation, and profound healing. This experience will be a powerful blend of intention and reflection journaling, group sharing, bodywork (self-myofascial release), breathwork lying on your back, and energywork focused on clearing blocks and channeling the power of love.

“Amber and the work she offers are a true gift. Her somatic breathwork sessions are transformative every single time, touching into all layers physical, emotional, and spiritual. In her sessions, I am often healing on levels I’m not consciously aware of; but when I return to life afterward I feel reset, recalibrated, and often lighter, as though deep traumas have been released from my body.

Since beginning regular breathwork with her, I have noticed a huge decrease in my nervous system’s agitation, and a wonderful increase in my ability to stay calm and present during challenges. Not only that, but I leave with all kinds of insights about those challenges and what I can explore for self-growth.

This work is probably unlike any other you’ve ever received, and it is profound in a way that can’t be described. If you’re feeling a tug in this direction, there’s a reason, and I highly encourage you to follow that intuition and experience it for yourself.”

– Mea | Massage Therapist


December 6
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Amber Campion