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Generational Healing

June 26 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Free Generational Healing® Demonstration
Have you ever wondered how your family got to be the way they are today? Do you see
patterns in yourself from your mother or grandmother being passed on to your own children?
What if you learned that the pain in your back, your knee, the physical weight that you carry or
the constant headaches are due to an ancestor’s unhealed trauma that your genetics still carry?
That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of
your physical, mental or emotional pain comes from.

Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors effect your physical, emotional
and mental behavior and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the
structure of our genes, making them more likely to “switch on” negative responses to stress and
Hormones and glands at any age can be affected by past abuse and trauma. You inherit these
genes from your ancestors, they can cause you to struggle emotionally or physically today with
issues. These experiences can be healed.
Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame and beliefs that don’t support the person you are
today. Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on generationally frees you to express
and experience who you are now.
Professionally Certified Generational Healer® & Spiritual Guide, Crystal Rasmussen will present
a free live demonstration of this powerful ancestral healing. Audience members who desire to
experience this healing work will be chosen for demonstration. The event will take place at The
Studio, 1085 S. Virginia Street, Reno NV 89502 on Saturday, June 26 from 1-3 pm.